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How Temporary Van Insurance Cover Can Save You Money.

Have you ever needed to use a van for a short period? Perhaps you’re borrowing a van from a friend or relative to move house? You may be going on a long trip and need to share the driving. Or, perhaps your business needs additional employees to drive a van for a short period?

Whatever your situation, temporary van insurance cover can be a great solution. Our guide looks at how temporary van insurance cover works and how it can benefit you.

What is temporary van insurance cover?

In the UK, if you don’t have insurance to drive the specific vehicle that you in, you are breaking the law. So, if you plan to drive a van that isn’t yours – for however short a period – you will need insurance.

In the past, if you had driven someone else’s van you would generally have had to be added to the policy as an ‘additional driver’. This could be expensive as you’d often have to be added for the remaining duration of the policy.

Temporary van insurance cover lets you take out insurance for a short period (typically 1-28 days) to allow you to be fully insured when driving a van that isn’t yours.

And, don’t be concerned that temporary van insurance is somehow inferior to traditional van insurance. Generally speaking, short term van insurance will cover the same risks as any other type of van insurance policy. Cover does differ from insurer to insurer, however, and so it’s important to ensure you know exactly what is covered before you buy.

The benefits of temporary van insurance cover.

There are several benefits to taking out short term van insurance:

• You don’t put your no-claims bonus at risk
• You only pay for the length of time that you need the insurance
• You can cover either an individual driver or a vehicle
• It can be less time consuming than adding additional drivers to an existing policy
• You can use it for a new vehicle whilst you’re shopping around for an annual van insurance policy

Buying temporary van insurance cover.

There are now dozens of insurers that provide temporary van insurance. One of the ways that many people search for the right cover at the right price is to head online.

Comparison websites such as ours help you compare both the costs and the benefits of a range of temporary van insurance policies. You simply have to fill in one form and we can provide you with premiums and details of cover in a matter of a few minutes.

So, if you’re looking for temporary van insurance cover, why not get a quote today?


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