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Getting The Right Private Van Insurance.

Vans may be the backbone of British industry, but they are also increasingly popular vehicles with the British driving public.

An AA survey in 2007 found that Brits love to use their vans outside working hours. The research found that 56 per cent used their van for shopping, 34 per cent used it for moving house, 28 per cent used their vehicle for good causes whilst 24 per cent even took it on road trips.

So, if you own a van, getting the right private van insurance can help you to ensure that your pride and joy is protected.

Using a private van.

13 per cent of people surveyed by the AA said that they actually preferred their van to their car. So, with thousands of people using their van privately, it’s important that you take out the right protection for your vehicle.

Risks you may want to consider covering include:

• Accident – covering repairs to your vehicle or to third parties in the event of an accident
• Theft – covering yourself in the event that your van is stolen
• Theft of contents – with Simon Henrick from Direct Line claiming there are 185,000 vans broken into in the UK every year, you may want to ensure your valuable contents are protected.

Finding good value private van insurance.

Contrary to popular belief, van drivers are, according to Tesco research, the safest drivers on the road. Allan Burns from Tesco insurance said in 2005: “Van drivers are often stereotyped as rogues of the road. However, our own records show that van drivers are actually very safe drivers and in our eyes they deserve a good insurance rate.”

So, when researching private van insurance, having a good no-claims record and no convictions is likely to help you achieve a competitive premium.

Another good way to find cheap private van insurance is to shop around online. More and more people are using the internet to research insurance, with a 2011 Defaqto survey finding that 86 per cent of Brits were comfortable with buying motor insurance online.

Using a comparison site such as ours, you can complete one form with all the details of you and your vehicle and obtain a number of quotes from a range of leading insurers at the click of a mouse. This can help you compare the price of the various policies on offer. Why not try our quotation system today?

Whilst price is important, experts also recommend that you compare the quality of the various policies on offer. Kara Gammell in the Daily Telegraph says: “Keep in mind that it is possible to get affordable insurance without compromising on the quality of the cover.”


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