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What Everyone Should Know About Commercial Van Insurance.

Van owners contribute over £35 billion to the UK economy and 59 per cent of van drivers say that their van is essential to the smooth running of their business. They are two of the conclusions of a 2007 AA survey which showed that the humble van is the workhorse of British industry.

However, with tens of thousands of van thefts and break-ins every year, it’s vital that you get the right commercial van insurance for your vehicle. Your livelihood could depend on it.
Our guide looks at the key things everyone should know about van insurance.

Why it’s important.

The AA survey found that the average contents of a commercial van are £1,382 and research from Direct Line in 2009 found that 560,000 vans – about 16 per cent of the UK total – had been broken into in the preceding three years.

If your van were to be stolen or off the road after an accident, would your business be able to cope? And, what if the contents of your van were to be stolen?
Protecting these risks could be crucial to the financial health of your business.

Where to buy it.

There are lots of different places that you can find commercial van insurance. These include:
• With your existing insurer
• Through an insurance broker
• Searching in your local Yellow Pages or telephone directory
• Online

Approaching your existing car or home insurer may not get you the best deal and seeking a specialist van insurance provider may be better. Claire Parsons, director of Peak Leisure Vehicles, writing in Caravan News, said:

“Most first timers make the mistake of calling their current car insurer first… Once we put customers onto this [a specialist insurer] they are often stunned by the difference in the quotes…going to a dedicated insurer makes all the difference in terms of cost.”

Many people choose to shop for their commercial van insurance online. Indeed, a recent survey from financial analysts Defaqto found that 86% of Brits are comfortable with buying motor insurance online. Shopping for van insurance online lets you compare the costs and benefits of a range of insurance policies from a number of leading insurers.

What cover to consider.

Firstly, you will have to consider what type of policy you want. There are three types of commercial van insurance policy:

• Third party – covers damage to other property and/or medical expenses for others involved in an accident
• Third party, fire and theft – as above but cover is included for a fire or theft of your van
• Comprehensive – as above but also covers loss of or damage to your own van, whether caused by an accident, vandalism, fire, theft or damage you accidentally do to it yourself

While third party insurance may offer lower premiums, you could find yourself out of pocket in the event of an accident that was your fault. Many people prefer to concentrate on the quality of their insurance rather than simply looking for the cheapest premium.


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