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5 Ways To Help Lower Your Van Insurance Quotes.

Are you looking for cheap van insurance quotes? We can help you compare van insurance quotes with our cheap van insurance comparison site.

If so, there are several ways that you can help yourself cut the cost of your insurance. Our guide looks at five ways that many people help find lower van insurance quotes.

1: Make sure you shop around.  Using an online comparison website can save time.

Shopping around for private or commercial van insurance can seem like a chore. However, comparing the premium rates offered by a range of insurers is often the best way to find the most competitive quote. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph reports that ‘the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says you can save 35 per cent by comparing as few as five insurance providers.’
Many people choose to head online when searching for cheap van insurance quotes. Indeed, the Guardian newspaper says that ‘for most ordinary customers shopping for the best price, ‘playing the system’ involves ignoring your insurer’s renewal quote’ and ‘shopping around via a comparison website’.

2: Check your excess.

Your excess is the amount of any van insurance claim that you have to pay yourself. For example, if you had an excess of £150 and made a claim for £1,000, you would pay the first £150 of the claim and your insurer would pay £850.

One way that you may be able to reduce your van insurance UK quote is to increase the excess that you have on your policy. By choosing a higher voluntary excess you will often find that you can benefit from a lower insurance quote online. However, you need to remember that should you make a claim at a later date, you will have to pay more of that claim yourself.

3: Pay in one lump sum.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggests that, if possible, you pay your van insurance in one lump sum rather than spreading the cost by paying by direct debit. The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘people who decide on monthly repayments can expect to pay an additional charge for this option, which can add 10 per cent – 25 per cent to your premium.’

4: Stay calm behind the wheel.

In October 2011, the Daily Mail reported a Gallup poll which showed Britain ‘was the leading country in the world for road rage, with 80.4 per cent of UK drivers being victims of it.’ And, the poll found that vans were involved in 13 per cent of road rage cases.

You can reduce the chances of claiming on your insurance by driving more carefully. Stay calm behind the wheel and don’t drive too fast or too aggressively.

5: Secure your van.

Insurers will often give you discounts online and lower van insurance quotes if you have additional security measures fitted to your vehicle. For example, an insurer approved alarm or an immobiliser could help you to cut your insurance premium.

With the commercial Ford Transit being the most stolen vehicle in the UK, you can help reduce your chances of making a claim by improving your security.


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