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Finding cheap private van insurance.

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While vans have been the backbone of British industry for years, more and more people are buying and driving vans for their own use.

A 2007 survey for the AA found that UK van drivers like to involve their vehicle out of hours. 13 per cent of respondents even preferred their van to their car, whilst over half used their van on a day to day basis for shopping, almost a quarter use their van for road trips and over a third use it for moving home. Over five per cent of people have even admitted to having ‘romantic liaisons’ in their van!

Your van may be your pride and joy and so it’s important that you have the right cover to protect it. Our guide will help you buy cheap private van insurance.

Head online for low cost quotes.

One way to find great value private van insurance is to head online. Internet comparison sites allow you to compare the costs and benefits of insurance with a number of leading providers.

But how can this help you save money? Well, the Association of British Insurers says that you can save 35 per cent on your premiums by comparing as few as five insurance providers. With most websites offering prices from dozens of leading insurers, they can help you find the right cover at the right price. Why not get a quote from us today?

Tips for keeping the cost of your van insurance down.

There are several ways that you can keep the cost of your private van insurance at a minimum. These include:

• Increasing your policy excess
• Making sure you have insurer approves security measures fitted to your van
• Not automatically renewing your insurance with your current provider
• Drive carefully so as to reduce your risk of making a claim
• Don’t pay by direct debit (the Daily Telegraph says that this ‘can add 10%-25% to your premium’)

Don’t compromise on your cover.

While finding cheap private van insurance may be your priority, many experts recommend that you don’t simply buy the cheapest policy that is available. The quality of cover varies significantly from company to company and you should make sure that you get the appropriate protection as well as saving money.
The Association of British Insurers says: “Make sure that you don’t just buy on price, but on the policy that meets your needs, and if buying online check the details of the cover” while Kara Gammell in the Daily Telegraph says: “Keep in mind that it is possible to get affordable insurance without compromising on the quality of the cover.”

When buying private van insurance, it is worth considering whether to include:

• Theft of contents cover – the AA found that the average value of the contents of a commercial van were £1,382 and so you may want to protect your belongings
• Replacement vehicle – will your insurance give you a temporary van while yours is off the road?
• Legal expenses – does your insurance cover the legal costs of making a claim against a third party?


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